Getting Started with React

Getting Started with React

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Curious about what react is? then this post is for you......

React is a Javascript library used for building User Interfaces.

To start with React, ensure you have Node.js, NPM installed in your local system, and IDE (Example - VS Code).

Now, open a terminal and follow the commands.

npx create-react-app <appName>

let's assume appName would be react-tutorial and now it would be

npx create-react-app react-tutorial

Now, you can find a new project folder created with the name react-tutorial, navigate to the project folder, and run the following command in the project terminal.

npm start

Now, your project will be running on localhost:3000 in your browser.


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P.S. - This Blog will be extended by adding more details about the project folder structure and how the codebase works in React. Stay tuned ...!